The quiet pride we have always felt for our little adopted school in Cajamarca, Peru bubbled over into euphoria as we learned that little Eberth a) is not so little anymore and b) is the first student from our school (and indeed from his entire village) to get accepted into Law School! He’ll be starting at the University of Cajamarca in early 2018.


Here he is with a picture of himself in the school’s classroom, we think about 9 years ago. His mom told us that it has been her and her husband’s dream to have a child of theirs simply finish elementary school. Attending college was something they never dreamed even remotely possible when Eberth was a small child.
Before the school was built, very few children in the area were able to complete much elementary school at all. We look forward to many more to follow in Eberth’s footsteps. We’re so proud of you, amigo!

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