More colors, please!


One of the most common requests we get is this: Please offer more colors, especially in your organic basics.

I hear you! It’s so fun to see a rainbow of colors to choose from in your go-to styles. To offer our best selling scoop neck tee in 20 colors – it’s the stuff dreams are made of around here!

The simple answer is this: We’re too small to offer that many colors. Let me explain what that means.

• When we first design a style we have to estimate how many pieces we will sell. Let’s say it’s 200 pieces for this example.

• If we offer it in 4 colors, that’s 50 pieces per color.

• Divide that by 5 sizes and we’re now at an average of 10 pieces per color/size combo (or in retail lingo, 10 pieces per SKU).

• So if we wanted to offer this style in 6 colors instead of 4 (I’ll do the math for you), now we’re down to 6 pieces per SKU.

• With numbers that low, it’s hard to keep stock on all sizes & colors. So the fewer colors offered, the easier it is to stay in stock. A bona fide balancing act.

The second reason relates to fabric dyeing minimums. Even though our partners in Peru are small businesses like us, they have to order at least 120kg per color per fabric to meet the dye vat minimums. There isn’t yet a “micro dye house” industry in Peru. 120kg is enough to make about 500 garments. So each new color we add means we have to add 500 more units to our order across however many styles that color comes in. No problem if we’re adding a color or two, but not feasible if we wanted to offer a dozen or more colors.

But we are getting better! I’m excited we’re offering our widest color assortment ever this fall. Thanks to you (i.e. increasing sales).

The real answer – we need to sell way more than 200 pieces on every style we sell. If we could do that, this would be a non-issue. So tell your friends! More sales = more colors offered = more lives uplifted with clean, safe, & fair apparel making.

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