How to Make a Peaceful Wreath

An evergreen wreath in the shape of a peace sign is not the kind of thing you stumble upon every day. But it was just what we had in mind for our Holiday 2012 catalog (view it now with these free iPad apps – Coffee Table and Catalog Spree) and we were determined to make it happen. We gathered the evergreens from a plot of family-owned land outside of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, and enlisted the help of our former-floral-shop-worker-friend Katie. Follow the instructions below to make your very own!

Supplies Needed:

  1. Wire wreath frame (15”) from local craft store
  2. 18 gauge wire to create the inside lines of the peace sign
  3. Spool or paddle wire
  4. Mix of evergreens (balsam, white pine, etc.)
  5. Wire cutters to cut the two types of wire
  6. Garden shears to cut evergreen

How to create the wreath:

  1. Start by taking 2 – 18 gauge wires (also 18” long) and wrap one end around the top center of the inside of the wreath frame.
  2. Take the other end and wrap it around the bottom center of the inside of the wreath frame.  (See figure below)

  1. On the center wire, locate a point 10-12” down from the top.

4. Take another set of 18 gauge wires and start from the center wire about 10-12” down. Now attach on the center wire and go to outside wreath frame to create the angled pieces of the peace sign.

5. Now take the evergreen you have gathered and cut the branches and tips into 5” pieces.

6. Start at the bottom and wrap end of the paddle wire securely around the wreath frame as an anchor.

7. Create small clusters of 3-4 pieces of evergreen, if needed wire them together at the bottom.  Lay them flat (we started at the bottom and went counter clockwise).

8. Now wrap the paddle wire around the piece of evergreen you have laid down, securing their position.

9. Now continue around the wreath counterclockwise securing additional pieces of evergreen and continuing to wrap the paddle wire around the evergreen and wreath frame.

10. Cut and secure the paddle wire when needed (every 4-5 inches) and secure by wrapping around the wreath frame

11. As you continue around stopping when you get to the top where the wires are attached for the peace sign.

12. Once at the top, do the same technique as you have been doing around the frame by starting at the bottom of the center wire and working your way up to where the side pieces of the piece sign come together.  Work your way from the outside in and then continue to the top of the center wire after the three spokes at the bottom have come together.

13. Once you are back at the top continue counter clockwise down the frame until you meet up to the evergreen already attached at the bottom.

14. Viola, you are done, now hang on your door.

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