Racky The Raccoon’s Journey Back to Peru

Racky the Raccoon and a few of his friends were privileged to journey to their home country of Peru last year. While the humans among us worked, their trip was purely for pleasure.

Racky got in a bit of trouble here and there, but then again…he is a raccoon so we went easy on him. He finally got around to uploading some pics from his camera.

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Racky’s Peruvian Adventure

Reading guidebooks and brushing up on his Spanish.
All packed. Ready to go!
At the airport.
Friends Flop the Frog and Cutie the Lamb showed up too.
Seat 23C. Lots of leg room!
Racky looks a little green though.
Checking in at the hotel.
A nice shower after a long trip.
And a good night’s sleep.
Bonus! Flop the Frog is a big soccer fan and the FIFA World Cup was playing while we were there.
Making friends.
The Joobles were feeling very cosmopolitan at a German bar in Peru, watching a game played in South Africa between Spain and Netherlands.
Racky was thankful his designer didn’t design him with lederhosen.
Being amphibian, Flop the Frog was clearly more interested in liquids than the others.
Hamming it up with the waiter.
Ahhhhh, café.
On a park bench in Lima.
A beautiful cool day.
Knock knock. I need a ride
to the Inca Market.
Off to the Inca Market.
Racky kept sneaking out
of his car seat.
At the Inca Market, sneaking
his way into a picture that was
intended to be of this traditional
Peruvian doll.
Huacachina sand dunes!
Sand boarding at Huacachina.
Huacachina sand dunes.
On the flight to see the
famous Nazca Lines.
This is going to be so cool!
I see a spider, a monkey, an alien,
a bird. Why no raccoon!
Motion sickness sets in.
Taxi driver.
At bakery.
At a shopping mall.
Shopping mall.
At the famous
Restaurante Jose Antonio.
Checking out. Adios!

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