No Black Friday Here

No sale announcement.
No asking employees to report to work at midnight.
No dancing reindeer on our website.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’d like to suggest
there are more meaningful things to do on Black Friday than lining up at 4am for the latest gadget or firing up the credit card online.

On the day that has come to symbolize over indulgence, how about donating to a food bank on  Black Friday? Take a child with you. Gather a group of friends to join you. End the day with your heart feeling full. A few other ideas…

Unexpectedly call a distant relative or friend and thank them for a past kindness.

Thank the clerks you come across for working on the holiday weekend.

Write (don’t email) a thank you note to someone who doesn’t expect it. A crossing guard, a paramedic, a trash collector.

Without being asked, buy a homeless person a cup of coffee or a hot sandwich. Give thanks that you are not in his or her shoes.

In the very least, reflect on the bounty in your life. However modest or grand.

Do you have another idea or tradition? Post them on our Facebook page or email us at We’ll share all of them in a future email.

Finally we’d like to thank you. You have benefited workers around the corner and around the world with your support.

Happy Thanksgiving

Your friends at Fair Indigo

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