Peru Trip Day 1: Watching World Cup in Peru!

After the typical weather-related delays in Miami, the crew from Fair Indigo arrived in two shifts to Lima, Peru in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday. Joining us are special guests the Joobles (Racky the Racoon, Cutie the Lamb, and Flop the Frog) who have been asking to visit their home country. (The Joobles are made at small cooperative workshops throughout Peru).

Being World Cup Sunday, and since Flop is a huge futbol fan, we decided to head downtown to the Stadium Bar to watch the big game. We apparently got there a bit too late because it was already at capacity. So we were re-directed to a place around the corner…a German-themed watering hole where the Zoo Crew was quite well received. (and no, that’s not beer Flop is eying up, it’s apple juice).

More updates soon!

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