Supporting jobs here at home, too.

In addition to working with facilities in developing countries around the globe, we are excited to be exploring new opportunities to bring you more U.S-made products as well. It is encouraging to see after decades of hemorrhaging apparel jobs, there appears to be a resurgence in small, lean and mean US-based apparel factories.

Speaking of jobs at home, we are proud to print all of our catalogs on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper at Quad Graphics.

Quad is very well known in southern Wisconsin as one of the best places to work for salaried and hourly employees. Fair Indigo would not be where it is today without their expertise, service mentality, and commitment to small businesses like ours. We are happy to support such a company and its workers.

In fact, this weekend, our September catalog is on the printing press, always an exciting thing to see. Here’s a sneak peek of the cover being printed right now.

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