Hello from Winter in Uruguay!

Summer may be the height of sun and fun, but at Fair Indigo we are itching for fall…new products, fresh air. In our fair trade sweater plant in Uruguay, at the southern tip of South America, it’s the middle of winter and pretty chilly. As we ride through the countryside we’re surprised how similar the landscape looks to our Wisconsin home (even lots of cows).

The factory here in Montevideo, the nation’s capital, just won 4th place in a national innovation contest from the Ministry of Industry. For the $10,000 prize money, Gregorio, the owner, decided to give it to the employees. Here’s an iPhone shot of the party they had to celebrate the award.

Gregorio and Andres (below center and right) are the father/son team who have made this workplace so positive that over 30% of the staff has been here at least 10 years. The fact that they distributed their award to the workers is not surprising to anyone who knows them.

Andres will be visiting us in Madison this December…we’ll compare cows and snowfall totals. He also says Uruguay cheese is the best in the world, but we doubt that. Still–pretty gutsy challenging a Wisconsinite on cows, snow, and cheese.

While not partying with the award-winning staff, employees like Alejandra and Cristina are at work finishing up Fair Indigo’s new line of organic cotton sweaters launching this September. In a week or so we’ll even be able to show you a sneak peek of the the sweaters in the finishing area.

For a look at our current sweaters made in Uruguay, here’s a link.

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